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We had the time of our lives at our wedding – and Denise and Enrico captured it perfectly, and put together the most moving video one could imagine. From the opening scenes, all the way until the last shot…the video is pure magic. And that isn’t just me saying it – everyone who has seen it agrees!
The reason why the video is so perfect is exclusively because of Denise and Enrico – who are both wonderful people with great vision. Throughout the entire day these two artists gracefully maneuvered through our wedding – catching the most perfectly candid shots imaginable. And, to top it off, their editing is magnificent. Every time my wife and I watch the video (and we’ve probably watched it close to 50 times now), we feel like we’re back at our wedding.
I can’t praise Denise and Enrico enough for their amazing work on our video. It’s absolutely perfect, and something that we will cherish forever.
If you are going to hire a videographer for your wedding – you should definitely have Stand Up Films on your short list. Denise and Enrico are so easy to work with, and they do such a fantastic job.
— P+E
My husband and I were married last June in downtown SF. Stand Up Films did an amazing job! They were friendly, easy to work with, on time and accommodating. Also, I have to highlight that they were unobtrusive throughout the ceremony. Most of our guests didn’t even realize we had video taken until we shared the final product! Enrico and Denise have a real eye for a romantic vintage feel and it’s wonderful to have the video to remind us of that perfect day.
— C+J
Stand Up Films is AMAZING!!! Cool, artsy and innovative with a vintage feel. Truly one of a kind! It’s like a music video perfectly timed to capture the moments of the best day of your life.
An absolutely perfectly edited magical depiction of our very special day was artistically captured by Denise and Enrico. We never knew they were even there during such intimate moments yet the footage they have speaks volumes. They truly captured the essence of our love and all of the sweet moments from our wedding day. Unlike most wedding videos, I could watch this over and over again and DO!!! It is the perfect way to capture your love story in a very creative way that you will have forever.
This was a true gift that I will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you!!
— J+M
I had the honor and privilege to have Denise & Enrico make our wedding video and -WOW- it is magical. The way they captured the feeling of that day was spot on. I still find myself just taking a 4 minute brake from my day and watching it over and over again. I can’t recommend them enough!!! It was the best way to capture our special day. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU
— G+K
Denise and Enrico…you NEED them!
We just watched our wedding video and are laughing, crying, and transported back to the best day. I know we will be watching this for years to come and it will never get old. The length and style are perfect. They even included a special surprise that reflected us perfectly. I’m obsessed. I’ll have to come back and edit this when I come down from this high. Thank you, Denise and Enrico for sharing our day and giving us these treasures.
— B+D


We received the video today, and we’ve only got three words for you... WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! FREAKIN FREAKIN LOVE IT!
Oh my goodness, we have been watching the video over and over and over again non stop since we got home this evening, and we literally cannot cannot stop. You two did a fantastic job with the video, we truly love it! You two were, and are, phenomenal! We just wanted to say how freakin awesome everything is, and how thankful we are that you two filmed our wedding, and captured such amazing moments. So good. Thank you both again, this is fan-tas-tic!
— C+G
Oh my gosh we love it so much!! It looks like something out of a movie and it captures how happy we were that day, it is amazing! Thank you so much! Thank you thank you, it really is so awesome and such a great memory to have of our wedding!
— M+R
The video is sooo beautiful! We watched it this morning together and it made us so happy. We can’t thank you enough. It is something that we will always treasure. You really captured the spirit of the day – especially our joy. Thank you so much.
— J+L
Wow!!!! It’s amazing!!!!! We love it!!!!!!!! You guys are so crazy talented and it was sooo fun seeing all those moments from the wedding.
— S+D
This is sooo awesome!! We love it! Yay!! This is just really cool to have this moment captured in such a beautiful, creative way! We are so grateful!! Thank you!! You are both sooo creative and talented!!
— S+A
I just got back home and watched the video right away! It’s beautiful!! We LOVE it!! We especially liked the footage on our first dance! We will share this video with our friends and family! We can relive every moment of it!
— E+N
I apologize for the delay in my response, you can blame it on the fact that we’ve done little else but watch our AMAZING wedding video nonstop! Thank you so much for coming to our wedding and shooting our ceremony – you have given us a keepsake that we will treasure forever.We are bowled over by the footage you got, your style and artistry. We cannot thank you enough.All the best and WOWOW!!!
— C+S
We received the video and it’s wonderful!!! Thank you so much for capturing all the laughter, tears, and happiness from the big day. You did an amazing job and we are so happy we were able to work with you.
— D+D
We received the video and immediately watched it and then watched it again and several times over. In fact, I just finished showing it to my parents for the first time and we all just laughed and smiled as your video allowed us to relive the day. (I might have just declared that I want to get married again because your video allowed me to relive our big day in such a special way.) We love the moments you captured and the song fits perfectly. Thank you SOOOO much for your great work. We truly love this video. Thank you for allowing us to watch our wedding day over and over.
— A+C
We absolutely love the video. I had never heard the song before but how fitting, I absolutely loved every second. Perfect perfect PERFECT!!! We can’t thank you enough!
— V+N
Hey! We got the video! We LOVED IT!!! It is awesome !!!!! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!!
— L+M